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Adhesive Products

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From automotive design through finishing, 3M specialists can help you create and identify products and solutions that deliver superior style and comfort—while also achieving cost reduction goals.


Adhesive products by 3M

PLIOGRIP® by Valvoline

PLIOGRIP® by Valvoline is a complete body repair and bonding system specifically engineered for the body shop to provide better workability, reduced repair times and superior structural strength.

When it comes to returning a vehicle to its pre-accident condition, PLIOGRIP by Valvoline offers a wide range of products for both automotive and heavy duty truck repair.


Complete body repair and bonding system

Evercoat - advanced products for the refinishing professional.

The Evercoat Corrosion-Inhibiting Epoxy Technology Bonds Metal to Metal, SMC to SMC and SMC to Metal. Ideal for replacing doorskins, quarter panels and other non-structural body panels

Panel Bond-30 is a two-component epoxy adhesive used for replacing various body panels. A flexible polyester glazing putty designed for spot filling and skim coating over repair areas on flexible bumpers and plastic parts. Rage® Ultra is the world’s best sanding body filler. Its non-sag formula has excellent filling properties, while eliminating the need for finishing putty.